We repair windows and screens in house. Or we’ll set you up with the materials, tools, and know-how to do it yourself.

For screen repairs, we have an assortment of screening for you to choose from, including aluminum, fiberglass, and pet-safe, plus the proper spline to hold the screening in, all of which we sell by the foot. We also have the hardware to build and repair screen frames as needed.

Window repairs are typically made using standard single-strength glass, but we also offer double-strength glass, standard 1/8″ acrylic sheeting, or 1/4″ acrylic sheeting. For double-pane insulated (thermal) windows, each window must be special ordered to size.

For more information or prices, please call us at (716) 433-8155.

Knocking window and screen repair off your to-do list just got easier: just drop off your frame (wood, vinyl, or aluminum) and our in-store expert will repair it for you. Then we’ll call you when it’s ready to be picked up!*

*Turnaround rates vary by job depending on demand and resources.