Thinking about opening your pool before Memorial Day? We're ready when you are, since we stock our pool care products all year long. We also carry a range of spa care products by HTH.

Ace is an authorized dealer of the American-made HTH products. HTH offers every chemical you will need to care for your pool, from the most basic (chlorine, shock, algae guard, etc.) to the most advanced. Troubleshooting your pool might be easier than you think. Just bring in a sample of your pool water, and we'll test it in-house for free. Our HTH water testing program will generate a water quality report and list the products you need to make your water sparkling clear once more.

At Spalding Hardware, we stock all your pool care essentials: pool vacuum hoses and attachments, filter hoses, backwash hoses, chlorinators, leaf nets, and brushes. But since all work and no play makes a pool rather pointless, why not pick up a few pool toys, noodles, and inflatable loungers as well? Once pool care is off your to-do list, then you can kick back and enjoy the fruits of your labor.